CCD embraces the Instructional Designer career transition “journey” and expansion into the global arena. We’re passionate about the learning and design field, and we believe that every ID’s transformation supports its evolution forward.


To bring Learning leaders, Instructional Designers and L&D resources together.

CCD Instructional Designer leaders have real-time experience in the ID industry navigating “work-readiness” obstacles and providing services that support the continual evolution of Instructional Designers through the great transformation taking place in today’s technology sector.

CCD is an Instructional Design Agency independently owned and operated by L’Oreal Battistelli, M.S. IDT, a Learning and Development Program Manager and Sr. Instructional Designer Consultant homebased in beautiful Huntington Beach, California, USA.

The inspiration to provide Instructional Designer “Re-skill, Re-source and Reconnect” services and support came from L’Oreal’s “school to work” professional transformation: her personal legacy mentoring and coaching peer learners, her real-time “boots on the ground” experiences designing and facilitation knowledge development combined with her work as a multimedia-producer.

L’Oreal undertook multiple paid roles in higher education institutions and multi-media outlets while also providing hundreds of hours of “boots on the ground” Instructional Designer contract and pro bono services, mentoring and coaching Instructional Designers and multi-media producers.

She concurrently designed and facilitated curriculum in various community college and university classrooms and on-line environments while producing and publishing multi-media as a journalist i.e. staff writer, photographer, videographer and editor (and mentored student journalists) while working her way through school as a “re-entry” adult completing her Associate, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees.

The CCD Brand

The “CCD” brand was CCD Collaborator and colleague Higher Education Instructional Designer JoAnn Carter-Wells, Ph. D.’s inspiration.

JoAnn “broke ground” in the ID field by designing and launching the MSIDT program at CSU Fullerton and has continued her leadership through decades-long work as an Accreditation Consultant of Master of Science programs on a global scale.

“Re-skill” Offerings

The inspiration to provide creative collaborative “work-readiness” offerings came from L’Oreal’s organic experiences during her profession migration:  encountering (and overcoming) common “roadblocks,” the ongoing up-skilling and professional transformation required to provide trending skills and experience to “mete” her expertise as an Instructional Designer Consultant in the Learning and Development field.

“Resource” Services

The concept to provide vetting services came from the day-to-day nation-wide vetting conversations L’Oreal participates in and her desire support ID job seekers by providing “hand-shake” introductions to vetting recruiters.

“Reconnect” Live Events

The idea to host live events to bring ID Consultants back together was inspired by the ongoing transformation in the L&D industry and globalization of remote workers and our desire to continue to support the CSU Fullerton’s MSIDT Alumni Program and other IDs during the “great tech transformation” of the decade.


Creative business people working on laptop

“Believe in yourself.”

Employee shows teammates business solutions on laptop screen at coworking space

“Be the Captain.” Carpe diem.

Marketing company team leader briefing coworkers about startup project presentation

“Turn your roadblocks into stepping stones.”


The Learning and Design industry is undergoing a great transforming. We want to be your “go-to” workforce-ready resource agency to support your transformation right along with it.

We believe in the Power of Recruit, Resource, Reconnect

We believe in the Power of Recruit, Resource, Reconnect

creative collab designs agency is an Instructional Designer company. Our goals are to provide Instructional Designers with “workforce readiness” resources, so that when you decide to make a professional transition, you’re successful every time.


We do this in a number of ways:

An invaluable “Re-skill” University

  • We’ve integrated our “boots on the ground” career migration experiences into a “soup to nuts” program of training solutions to prepare you for “next step” opportunities.
  • We provide “workforce-readiness” training for school-to-work California State University MSIDT graduate students that includes FREE mentoring, project coaching and real-time internship experiences.
  • We also offer engaging learning, practice and application to real-time project work via eLearning, web-based solutions.

FREE “Resource” Services

  • We support the growing need for Instructional Designer resources at all skill levels in all niches by providing FREE “handshake” introductions at no cost to recruiters OR IDs.

Live “Reconnect” Experiences

  • We bring Instructional Designers together through our webinar program of live events.

Corporate Contract Services

  • We provide “cradle to grave” Instructional Designer consulting services for training vendors, corporate clients for short and long-term projects and assignments.

Higher Education Institutions

  • We offer graduate program consulting in the area of accreditation, as well as curriculum development of online learning programs.




CCD’s “Re-skill” University of “workforce-ready” learning provides everything you need for every step of the vetting process.


When you’re “work-force” ready, we provide “handshake” introductions to vetting recruiters, so you can begin your transition in “real time.”


Engage with peer IDs to network, share career learning and transition experiences; get together with CCD University Alumni in real time.