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The Introduction

A local trainer reached out from the ATD OC Association for support on instructor-led training he was providing at a Southern California spa. He needed hard copy presentations and job aids designed for two training events he was planning and needed custom, creative solutions.

The Project

The assignment was for one Instructional Designer to work independently to conduct a needs analysis, assemble client content and design specific artifacts for three separate trainings.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was collaborating with the Trainer who wasn’t incredibly “techie” so there was a learning curve to acknowledge, address and overcome.

The Outcome

A Google Drive folder was created, “basic training” was completed, and then the Instructional Designer and the client (and the project) was able to move forward.

The Solution

Working remotely, the Instructional Designer collaborated with another remote ID to design and develop two branching scenarios, the workflow of which required inter-departmental collaboration to include production and editing of all learning solution artifacts for the prototype.

The Conclusion

The key points of the collaboration was having an opportunity to work with a long-term Trainer on three different types of projects and reap the benefits of introducing an industry veteran to technology and open his workflow to a virtual collaboration. To learn more about how CCD can create custom instructor-led training solutions for you, schedule a consultation.

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