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The Introduction

A Community College Professor reached out for “cradle to grave” Instructional Desin services on the migration of his department program (six courses).

The Project

A needs analysis was conducted, work scope completed and a Learning Management System was sourced. Given the unique content and needs of the student learner audience, the ID worked with the LMS Administrator to custom design it, to facilitate student communication and collaboration outside of class to facilitate partnerships and teamwork on classroom and additional assignments. Thus program was re-designed into a “flipped” global collaborative program that integrated a variety of virtual collaborations, global student communications, web-based meets and one collaborative on-site class where the students discussed coursework, shared insights, new knowledge and skill development and provided peer-to-peer mentored and coaching.

The Challenge

There were many challenges to this project, the first one being the lead Stakeholder (the Department Chair) was new to Instructional Design, the ADDIE work flow process, and the analysis, planning and management of a large scale project, such as the one being proposed i.e. the migration of six courses (the L&D Program) to flipped, hybrid and collaborative.

The Solution

One Instructional Designer joined the project team as the lead ID, who introduced the lead stakeholder to “cradle to grave” project management, and who then led the project through the ADDIE design process to design, develop and delivery of the new flipped hybrid Department of Journalism program (six courses.)

The Outcomes

The Department of Journalism’ program of six courses were migrated and re-designed (from instructor-led to flipped / hybrid and collaborative (that included a custom Moodle Learning Management System) that allowed learners completing any of the courses to connect, communicate and collaborate with any other student in any of the six courses at any time. *WIN: The solution was so well received that it was utilized for future courses until the retirement of the Chair Emeritus.

The Conclusion

The Department of Journalism Chair (at that time) was known historically for being a “trend setter” in the Learning and Development industry, and the redesign of his department (at that time) was a unique and novel application of learning design, which he was incredibly proud of achieving. The Instructional Designer of the program (of six courses) was a novice in the L&D industry, a novice in the industry, thus the undertaking of migration six courses (from ILT to hybrid, flipped and collaborative) as a first project speaks to CSUF’s MSIDT program take-away and was a HUGE WIN for the Instructional Designer. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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