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The Introduction

A learning design agency in the Los Angeles area sought help designing an e-learning marketing prototype for a pitch project to design a corporate university.

The Project

The assignment was to design a custom scenario to introduce relevant real-world experiences (and provide real-time impact) to showcase the depth and breadth of the design agency’s internal marketing and external blossoming Learning and Development resources’ design, development and production skills.

The Challenge

There were a few challenges: The VP had to vet and on-board two Instructional Designers, bring the internal and external resources together to collaborate and strategize on a “best practice” marketing solution to meet the project need, have the presentation videos produced and edited while the IDs were designing the solution, and complete the Alpha and Beta reviews conducted and the solution delivered to the client under a very short deadline.

The Outcome

Working remotely, the Instructional Designers collaborated on a branching scenario, the workflow of which required inter-departmental collaboration to include marketing and video artifacts. The implementation reviews were completed, issues resolved, and the solution was delivered to the client under deadline.

The Solution

The solution was a branching scenario eLearning Module that presented a real-time customer service exchange between a customer and a service provider in discussion. The scenario branched (aka presented) two-option question responses (correct and incorrect) that provided insight into customer service communications and their potential business impact.

The Conclusion

The eLearning solution was well received, the client’s pitch won the corporate university project, however it was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

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