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The Introduction

A full-service learning content production vendor was facing a challenge to solve a need for a secondary vendor service company on a large-scale client project of three eLearning solutions.

The Project

The four Modules / courses needed to be updated, simply, videos edited, implementation review completed and deployed to the third party-vendor.

The Challenge

The challenge was that the project had been abandoned THREE TIMES; first by the original vendor’s ID contractor, and by the second vendor’s ID contract resource, thus the ID who was ultimately assigned to finalize the solutions was an ID Consultant to Vendor #3, whose Instructional Designer had ALSO abandoned the project. The results of reckless abandonment by multiple contracts was that the original .story files were not available, were being held by a contractor contingent upon another assignment thus the final Instructional Designer had only the SCORM files to work with. The consequence was a “win” in that she was able to pull the foundational content and redesign the courses, and then edit the videos, finalize the course and release them to the original client.

The Solution

The learning solutions were three Level 2 interactive tutorial policies and procedures training eLearning courses on three different topics designed for Police Agency-wide “level-up” learning.

The Outcomes

All three vendor clients were ultimately satisfied that the learning solutions had been finalized, SCORM files published and solutions delivered to the Police Agency client. The trainings provided included were administrative (and healthcare) policies and procedures, sexual assault victim response training, all three of which are critical to not only the business end of the industry but to their assault response success too.

The Conclusion

Take-aways from this project included creating custom-learning from a SCORM file, some custom video editing and some customizing of the video seek bar that created control of the video play, and then unlocked to allow learner locus of control.

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