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The Introduction

A full-service learning content production vendor was facing a challenge to pitch an eLearning project to a global automobile corporate entity. They were looking for a solution that would help them win a pitch for their corporate university design and build-out project.

The Project

The initial project was for one Instructional Designer to support a major client with org-wide training by migration instructor-led training to e-learning via custom design and level three interactivity.

The Challenge

The only major challenge on this project was that an outside Vendor Sales person negotiate the initial work scope, deadline and budget for the assignment before the Instructional Designer completed the Needs Analysis, so the ID was somewhat “backed into” the project parameters which (to be determined later) were unrealistic based on the work scope defined by the ID and the client. Once the work scope, project planning and budget was updated, the projects was launched, and the client, ID and vendor PM were all “on the same page” with regard to the expectations, the final solution/product and the project outcomes.

The Solution

The final solution / product was a custom design, nine Module eLearning Template and course with a Main Menu (completion triggering), Knowledge Checks, real-time scenario learning experiences and a 25-question quiz bank with random pull triggering.

The Outcomes

The outcome of which included organization-wide compliance training that was custom branded, custom designed, highly interactive that supported the organization’s mandated learning goals. *WIN: The solution was so well received that it inspired a second org-wide compliance training eLearning solution that utilized (and amended) the custom client template and provide responsive eLearning.

The Conclusion

The benefits to the original assignment was the introduction of both client, vendor and Instructional Designer, and their initiate their collaboration on what was initially a one-assignment project that, after working with the ID turned into a THREE PROJECT assignment that provide org-wide training to a 30,000+ corporate learner audience. To learn more about this project, contact us today!

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