We offer Instructional Designer “work-force-ready” Instructional Designer referrals that provide re-skill, resource and reconnect solution project management, design, development, implementation and evaluation using industry-standard authoring and editing systems.

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We know career transitions are integral to growth, so we provide “real time” solutions and strategies you can you rely on to make the “next step” in your journey successful.

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We set the bar high for every client experience because every client is important to us. We’re focused on building long-term relationships that sustain you and your organization over time. We do this by providing quality services and over-delivering every time.

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We bring Instructional Designers back together in group settings to enhance and excel “workforce-ready” preparation for remote work on a global scale.

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Office of General Counsel Senior Assistant General Counsel Janith Lewis-Bryant Senior

Hi L’Oreal! I reviewed and took the quiz twice and its AWESOME and ready to publish!!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and your patience!!! I’m really excited about this new Ethics Module and I know it will be a huge hit with our employees!!! Thank your whole team for working on this so diligently for the past 2 years!!!! Y’all are absolutely awesome!!! Thank you, Masha for everything that you’ve done!!! I really appreciate your leadership on this project!!!

Office of General Counsel, Senior Assistant General Counsel Janith Lewis-Bryant Senior
Instructional Designer Lora Benson Pezell

Lora Benson Pezell
Creative Design Group CEO and President Gary Rivera

... I’m sure you’ve heard just how GREAT the client reaction was to your and L’Oreal’s work was. It helped us secure a massive new piece of business that we’ll all have an opportunity to work on. Thank you, both, for your tireless dedication, creativity, and attention to detail. The team and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you throughout this process. This is beautiful! Outstanding work…Client is going to love this. Thank you thank you, once again! Very impressed.”

Creative Design Group, Inc. President/ CEO Gary Rivera
Think Outside Landscape Design Academy Director of Learning, Scott Sternberg, MSIDT

"L'Oreal is highly motivated, knowledgeable, creative, hard-working, smart, enthusiastic, flexible and encouraging. She is an excellent project manager and is very systematic, organized and focused. She excels at breaking complex projects down into manageable sub-tasks, setting a production schedule, and keeping the project moving along towards completion."

Scott Sternberg
Sr. Instructional Designer Beth Sargent, MSIDT

"L’Oreal is unique in that she is comfortable leading a team or being a team player ... she is thorough from beginning to end ... She will provide you with a very clear and detailed needs analysis, training plans, work scope and an outline of the product, and that is only in the beginning. She is adept with any authoring tool and knows the ins and outs of the most popular graphic tools. L'Oreal was Lead ID most often and would manage the projects as well as work on them. L'Oreal is very diversified and flexible. She really can wear several hats and change on a dime. I honestly can't think of any circumstances where she hasn't produced stellar work. I would recommend L'Oreal for anything training, ILTs, Webinars, eLearning or job aids. She is also an excellent writer and had talent developing websites."

Beth Sargent
Diane Marie Mitchell

"We volunteered together for the Los Angeles Team Mentoring event at UCI where Banc of California employees taught Financial Literacy to Junior High Students. L'Oreal was exceptional when she taught the kids. Every hand went up when she asked a question and the kids were 100% invested in what she was teaching them."

Senior Developer, Business Intelligence at Banc of California Diane Marie Mitchell
Banc of California Compliance Dept. VP Monique Bailon

"L'Oreal played an integral part in the Bank's implementation of the 2015 regulatory changes ... This was an amazing feat given the limited amount of time available as she was the only resource for multiple groups ... she was detailed and managed the project efficiently ... very detailed and took great pains to ensure the content was correct and of the highest quality."

Banc of California Compliance Department VP Monique Bailon
CSU Long Beach Dept. of English and WPE Dept. Director Kristin Brown

"L'Oreal recognizes the importance of a group endeavor and as such assiduously applies herself to initiating what is required to ensure collegiality. She defines leadership."

CSU Long Beach Writing Proficiency Exam Prep Program Director Kristin Brown