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We bring people and resources together.

We’re tenured industry professionals who work with you to take your business to the next level by “leveling up” your learner audiences.

Instructional Design Consulting

Advising and guiding Instructional Design best practices and strategies on programs and projects

Project Management

Analyzing, planning and managing the Instructional Design workflow process from start to finish to include needs, project scoping, planning, management and budgeting.


Development of instructor-led, virtual, eLearning and other digital learning solutions and hard copy materials.

Learning Management

The selection and implementation of LMS platforms to manage and deliver online learning content.

Curriculum Design

The design and development of instructional materials and lesson plans for traditional classroom settings for higher education adult learners.

Needs Analysis

Working with client to identify their training needs and develop solutions to meet those needs.

Multimedia Development

The creation of narration scripting, audio, video and other multimedia elements to enhance online learning solutions and materials.


The incorporation game-like elements into learning solutions and materials to increase engagement and motivation.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Testing and reviewing e-learning solutions to ensure they meet quality standards and are effective for learners.

We use industry-standard authoring and editing systems.

CCD Consultants are highly educated and certificated veteran Instructional Designers with vast experience designing and editing learning content, and our “collaborator” Consultants are highly vetted for expert-level design and development expertise.

Today’s learning solutions require engaging knowledge development, so we use industry-standard systems to design custom solutions to meet every client’s needs.

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Here’s how.

CCD Instructional Designs Agency consultants typically contract (W2) to conduct needs analysis and program and project planning, management aka “cradle to grave” full-scope design, development and production. We also sub-contract and refer projects to collaborating vendors and resources. This way, learning leaders (like you) can out-source and off-shore learning program and project workflow to agile and capable program and project resources aka Project Managers and Instructional Designers like us.

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W2 Contracting Features and Benefits

Independent contractors allow companies to respond with flexibility to meet market demands. Engaging independent contractors for projects that require specific skills or additional resources allows companies to access in-demand skills, get to market faster, better manage turnover, and have flexibility in cost models.

Project Manager Contracts

Allows for Project Management to lead strategically methodologically to deliver learning at scale, on time and on-budget.

Senior Instructional Designer Contracts

Senior Instructional Designer contracting solves for “cradle to grave” “solutioning” aka conducting needs analysis, project scoping, training planning, project planning, management, responsive-ready Organization-branded template design and Instructional Designer mentoring and coaching.

Instructional Designer Contracts

The term “Instructional Designer” spans the gamete of learning content designers in the industry, some with higher education degrees, some without, who offer a vareity of design and production skills.

We also contract B2B upon request.

CCD contracts with client organizations, vendors and higher education institutions to provide B2B Instructional Design large-scale program and project services.

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B2B Features and Benefits

There are several benefits to employers to signing B2B contracts:


The opportunity to recruit highly skilled contractors and be more competitive in the job market;


B2B contracts mitigates sourcing skilled specialists in a home country by broadening the search (with less bureaucratic hassle) across a wider region;


Contractor roles are often more flexible – Employers can determine the duration of the contract, the number of hours worked per month, and include almost any other provision you want;


Employers can also save money by hiring candidates in countries with a lower cost of living;


Signing a B2B contract is much simpler in terms of bureaucracy and making payments is straightforward – all it takes is a single invoice and a bank transfer.

Become an Affiliate partner.

When you join an affiliate program, you are essentially partnering with a merchant to promote their products or services. In exchange for promoting their products, you will earn a commission on any sales that you generate.

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Affiliate Relationship "Need to Knows"

There are a few things you need to know about affiliate programs before you get started:

Commission Rates

The commission rate is the percentage of the sale that you will earn as an affiliate. Commission rates vary depending on the merchant and the product or service that you are promoting.


Affiliate programs use tracking links to track the sales that you generate. These links are unique to you, and they allow the merchant to track how many visitors you send to their website and how many of those visitors make a purchase.

Payment Terms

Affiliate programs typically pay out commissions on a monthly or quarterly basis. The payment terms will vary depending on the merchant.

To learn more ...

If you are interested in learning more about affiliate programs, contact us to schedule a conversation.

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